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Stonerock Polygraph

470 Olde Worthington Road in Westerville, Ohio
Easy access from I-71 @ Polaris
 Call us at: (614) 361-1565
 Email us: stonerockpolygraph@gmail.com
Secret to our success is our commitment to the truth.
Stonerock Polygraph ® 470 Olde Worthington Road, Westerville, Ohio 43082
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Polygraph Services are offered nationwide for the following:

     Law Enforcement Agencies:
          Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
          State Law Enforcement Agencies
          Local Law Enforcement Agencies 

     Legal Community
          U.S. Attorney Offices
          District Attorney Offices
          Public Defender Offices
          Defense Attorneys
          Parole & Probation Departments. 

      Private Sector - Companies and Corporations
          Under the restrictions and limitations of the 
          Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA)

     Private citizens in matters not involving the legal or criminal justice system.

     Attorneys in civil litigation.

     Domestic issues welcome

​*Sexual Offender Certified

* Polygraph Equipment Used is the Lafayette 4000 - All of our polygraph instruments are given a functionality or calibration test consistent with the manufacturer recommendations and in compliance with state and federal law. 

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